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Time for my duster coat!





These post-winter days are just horror for original outfits. Today we finally had a little sun allthough it’s still supercold.
I am trying new lengths witht my duster coat, hanging in my closet for ages but so on trend right now!
Adding a clear blue jeans and white sneakers and bye bye winter feeling!

Paris fashion week part 2





I still owed you my other outfit from Paris Fashion Week. God, it was hotter two weeks ago than it is now. Brrrrrr…

I chose for a soft palet of colors, pastel blue, pastel pink and white. A combo that never fails.

We went to see the Leonard show, a classic Parisian brand that had been forgotten over the years but on it’s comeback. Known for the floral design to get in a happy mood. However this collection had a sadder feel with lots of greys, fringes and wool. More pictures of the collection to come later on.


Easy breezy sunday



Are you tired of your closet as much as I am? I bought the most beautiful Spring outfits that I am dying to show you but it’s sooooo cold outside!

Seriously, how long can winter be? Or is that just me?

To make the transition I am wearing less black, no more boots and color! Result, seakers all day long and jeans…. This sunday I wore my old Pinko boyfriend jeans and my new Allstars.

I was addicted to my old white ones but the festivals of last summer really ruined them! As my Stan Smiths are white, I went for this beautiful sand color. Amazing how well you can combine these!

So pray with me for the sun to come out and shine!

By the way, noticed my glasses?! Hope you like them!

So I found my sneakers… love my Stannies


So the last few days I really got carried away by the whole ‘white sneaker thing’.

I searched the WorldWideWeb like a crazy person, looking for the perfect sneaker.
Today I finally tried on the Adidas Superstars but I really didn’t like them on me.. My feet looked huge!

So the sales assistant gave me Stan Smiths instead, allthough I wanted to resist the hype, I had to admit they looked quite cute… So here I am, the latest of all fashionista’s, with my Stannies!
Ps:Thanks Arne Quinze for the amazing decor!

Paris Fashion week – outfit 1 for Balmain

image image

My first day in Paris for fashion week. I must say, I forgot a bit how crazy Paris was this time a year. The city is full of the most fashionable people and influencers. I didn’t know where to look first.
As for my previous and first fashion week experience, I opted for dresses. This time I stayed a bit more true to my daily life outfits.
So for the Balmain show, I wore my Balmain blazer (off course) with a grey jeans and my most comfi heels by Givenchy.

Into those rips at Materia!





When I first arrived at Materia private gym, I thought I was in Mr Grey’s playroom but Tiffany showed me the equipment was really used for sporty excercises ;-)

Wish I lived closerby, this concept has everything you need. A beautiful interior, a personal approach with possibility of private training sessions… A luxurious environment for the perfect work-out!
Unfortunately I forgot my camera so we did the best we could with my iPhone.

I wanted to show you that ripped jeans can already be worn. Just add another light color like camel, white or light pink and you’re good to go!

I added some sneakers for a casual look but at night, you’ll look fab in those sexy nude heels!

Materia Private Gym
Grotehondstraat 44/01
2018 Antwerpen
Tel.: +32 (0)3 689 33 22

Who says you can’t wear sneakers with a skirt?!




So, sneakers with a miniskirt, not everyone’s cup of tea. In my eyes it changes the obvious boots and skirt combination.

Is your casual look:jeans with sneakers, just trade them for a miniskirt once in a while and you might be surprised by the result!

fifty shades of grey



A little sun gets me in the best mood and let’s me dream of my Spring wardrobe! Too bad it’s still freezing…

So for this outfit, I chose different shades of grey, brightened up with tan shoes and a colourful Hermè scarf!

Happy friday!



Love for my Saint Laurent sneakers

IMG_5437 IMG_5454 IMG_5448


Brrr how cold has it been those last few days?!

The perfect time for chunky knits and my beloved Saint Laurent sneakers. I had my eyes on these babies ever since they came out but unfortunately I hadn’t the budget at the time. I added them to all the wishlists of my favo online stores so I could easily check during sales where to get them at the best price.

To make a wishlist, just create an account on your favo webshop and add pieces. It allows you to re-think your purchases.

Just click below to see where to get them at the best price!

Taking my Natan cuissardes for a walk…

IMG_5359IMG_5379 IMG_5399


As a Belgian we have some things to be proud off: chocolate, fries, Delvaux and NATAN to name a few.

Natan, known for dressing some of the most stylish Royals such as our very own Queen Mathilde and Queen Maxima from Holland.

When I go to a Natan store, it is most likely because we’re shopping for my mum but when I saw these boots, I knew one day they’d be mine!

I took my chance to wait until sales and I was just extatic when a dear friend texted me she found them in my size! She was kind enough to get them for me so here I am with the boots I longed for all season at half the price.

Thank God for Natan and my fashionable girlfriends.

love you all x

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