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Stormy weather….


So as in the rest of the country it is snowing, the Belgian coast is suffering from a rainy stormy weather!

The kind of weather I’d normally stay in, watch a movie with a hot chocolate but here I love to see the rough sea… Nature at its best!

To keep me warm I’m wearing my Moncler hat and down jacket and strong boots that keep me warm and dry!


Isa-Belle loves a good LBD

With the holidays coming up, we all start thinking about our outfits.

I too like an original outfit for the holidays but sometimes we forget how chic a little black dress can be. I made a new moodboard on Pinterest of my selection of the perfect little black dresses. Wear it with a chic clutch or a cool leather jacket.

See a few inspirations here but much more on my Pinterest


Lbd image image.


Camel+black is always a good idea

image image image


This season I am into monogram looks, as here in camel and black… No fuzz, just casual chic.

Camel and black are two great colors to look out for in the coming sales, they’ll go a very long way, you’ll see!


Whoop whoop sales season is coming up!

imageI am a professional sales shopper, I know the tips and tricks like the best.

First of all, keep good contacts with salespeople from your local stores, they can keep you up to date of upcoming events and sales. They can really make an effort, from an extra percentage to keeping things aside before sales start. Make sure you keep loyal to a few stores instead of buying here and there!

Second register to all the newsletters of brands you like. For the moment, I keep on getting mails everyday for autumn promotions. Up to 50 percent on current collections!! And it’s not even december yet! How great is that?!

To keep track of those huge wishlists, make a wishlist on you favo webshops. It keeps you up-to-date on stock and promotions and it will prevent you from making impulse splurges. Believe me, it helps!

So my first splurge was this perfect ripped jeans at Maje this weekend at 40 percent off, a catch right? The gloves are by Sandro, unfortunately not on pre-sale but a lot of beauties were allready on sale untill next Sunday! It’s worth to have a look on both websites or in store…

Go shopping girls!





Getting inspired by fall colors…

image image image


I am really obsessed with oversized sweaters. They make you look so much slimmer with a skinny jeans or mini skirt.

For me this sweater is perfect, a high roll-neck, a fitted waist and a wider top. Don’t like them to be too sloppy.

The brown leather pants are ideal for daytime. It gives a softer feel than black. So for those who want to try leather, try a softer tone like olive green or a shade of brown for a cool and sophisticated look.

Major GIVEAWAY on Instagram!

This luxury care set by Balmain Hair contains a moisturing shampoo & conditioner and a repair mask.
Total value of 59,95€!!!

Just 3 little steps to do :

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Balmain spring summer ’15

Yesterday was like living in a dream. I am so grateful to Balmain Hair to give me the chance to discover the backstage of this amazing show.

I couldn’t take my camera so the pictures are taken with an iPhone but I wanted to share my details with you.

We arrived at the beautiful Grand Hotel 2 hours before the show so we could get backstage. A huge space where models were getting ready by a hair and make-up crew and where the clothes were hanging per model with their dressers. It was a bit overwhelming to see how much preparation was needed for that 10 minute show. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of it all. So thanks again, Balmain Hair!

As for the outfit, I got VERY spoiled by my hubby on the Balmain blazer, my huge early christmas and birthday gift. Thank you monkey! This blazer doesn’t need much extra so I combined it with a leather skinny and pointy pumps.. Less is more!

The show itself was exactly as I pictured it, straight, lots of black and white with a touch of Mondriaan colors. Just great.

Arriving at Anthony Vaccarello was again : magical.

An outside location au bord de la Seine on a sunny day… Perfect!

As Milan taught us, the show started 30 minutes late but I wouldn’t take the chance of being late so we arrived just in time. (You see the seats behind me are still empty)

Anyway, if all pictures taken will be published as promised, yours truly will be featured on some pretty amazing websites! I still can’t believe this is really happening… Time will tell!

I saved my Mary Katrantzou dress for this occasion (bought at Amica Trend Knokke), combined it with classic black pumps (Rio Store, Gent), an H&M hat and a Belgian detail, the Delvaux X-Ray bag.

My very first time at Milan Fashion Week

My very first fashion week…. I was more excited and nervous than a child on Christmas Eve!

We got up at 3.30 to get the first flight to Milan, so even with make-up, my eyes look a bit tired.

The first day we had 2 shows, Dsquared at 15.00 and Costume National at 16.00. So I allready experienced the rush to get from one part in the city to another to get on time. First lesson there that the shows start minimum half an hour late but we drove like crazy to be sure not to miss it!

My arrivals at both shows were magic! Seriously I can’t even write how I felt when photographers were taking pictures of me, I seriously tought it was for the girl behind me but my friends kept shouting to pose because they were really taking my pictures! Haha, who would have figured… Guess they liked my MSGM dress and my Chanel Boy bag!

My heartrate wasn’t healthy that moment, that’s for sure!

Stay tuned to see my pictures of the shows the following days! I am packing for Paris as I am writing this

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