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White flared jeans – on the wishlist! ✔️

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Some people hate the crowded shops during sales time, for me it’s like Christmas!

I’ve been making wishlists for weeks now and can’t wait till my mailbox is full of sales-spam!

I used to buy way too much during sales, just because it’s on discount. Now I TRY to protect myself by making little lists of what I could really use/want.

One of those items is this white flare jeans by Giambattista Valli x 7 for all mankind. Where have these been all this time? Flares give you endless leggs.. Add killer heels, platforms or wedges for an extra seventies feeling. What’s not to love?

Anyway, I will be posting more of my wishlist the following days and please share your wishlists with the blog! We can all learn from eachother.

PS : wedges are high on the wishlist too ;-)

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM

I must admit I am not a Vuitton-person. Don’t ask me why but apart from their scarfs, I never fell in love with their bags.

Except for this one, I think i tried it for at least the last 3 summers… So we can’t say this was an impulse purchase.

I tried the two sizes again and quickly decided the MM (smaller size) looked a bit dull on me. This size is more often used as a beachbag or travelbag but I tend to use it on an everyday basis.. I forgot how easy it was to carry around a big tote.

So I can only say it is the perfect mommy bag for summer, big enough to carry all the things you need for your little rascals!




The perfect transition piece!

Rather you wear them with heels, sneakers, flip flops or espadrilles, a maxi-skirt is always a good idea! Especially for Spring, think about covering those winterlegs but still feeling ready for Spring!




The perfect spring coats!

Are you as tired as I am of your winter closet? Brighten up your outfit with a new spring coat!

Just tap the + to see where to get them! You’ll be surprised…

Pastels for spring

Pastels are always on my wishlist. There are endless combinations and they always seem to match…
For spring, my perfect outfit is a ripped jeans, white or lightblue with a pastel coat and heels!
I made a selection of my current favourites, you just click on the + to see where to get them.

Maje Spring collection

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The beginning of each season is so inspiring! Making outfits in our heads and adding pieces to those endless wishlists.

I am not the biggest fan of the Parisian chic brands like Maje or Sandro but I must say that this season’s lookbook by Maje made me dream of summer…

My personal favourite is the black maxi-skirt. I would wear it very casual with a simple V-neck t-shirt and sneakers or flat thongs…

Which item do you prefer?


Get yourself a tan with Clarins Golden Glow Booster

Clarins auto-bronzant selftan

Once you start using selftan in summer, it is quite hard not to use any in winter.

In my search of the perfect self tan for the face, I came across many products but with my über sensitive skin, I had to throw lots of them in the bin.

I was advised this Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster. Easy to use, just add some drops to your daily face cream and you’ll get an immediate result. So you get a tan and have the benefits of your personal face cream.

Another big advantage is that you can choose how tanned you wanna be, if you use 3-4 drops the day before a party, you’ll have a healthy glow the next day, if you just wanna keep the color you allready have just use 1-2 drops on a daily base.

So not too dark or orange , just experiment until you are completely satisfied !

As for the body cream, I like the milky, moisturizing texture. It is not too hard to apply for self-tan newbies but you still need be careful to wash your hands afterwards and apply evenly so you don’t get those ugly stains !

Price-quality perfect if you ask me!

Just click below and order them online

A girl can never have too many jeans, right?!

We all like designer jeans but prices are increasing every season. If you ask me, I prefer designer shoes with some highstreet jeans instead…

I made a selection of the coolest pieces available right now !

Just click on the + of your perfect jeans and I will show you were to get them. Shop shop shop , girls !


Be smart, buy classics in sales!

Pictures by Eric Bompard

Pictures by Eric Bompard




You know I love cashmere… It’s so soft and even a lightweight cashmere can keep you warm.

I made my sales wishlist a few weeks ago and cashmere was on the top of my list! I got a warm rollneck sweater and some fine knits that I will be wearing next spring!

So be smart and don’t let yourself go on pieces you’ll only wear on special occasions, invest in daily pieces!

Good luck on the first day of sales tomorrow!


Christmas for the little ones

It’s getting colder so that means Christmas is coming closer. As a real Christmas-addict, I’m allready planning the holidays. Christmas tree, christmas gifts and the perfect Christmas outfit for my baby!

Wouldn’t you love to see your star in a little tux?



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