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Making my wishlist for Paris!

Sales officially start in France from wednesday, the ideal mother-daughter getaway!

I love planning the trip in advance so I have great perspectives! Control freak, I know….

Anyway, the dress by Pinko and the skirt by Sandro are a sure thing! Can’t wait to pick them up…

During sales, I always stock some good quality basics like cashemere, like these from Eric Bompard. They don’t come cheap but a girl needs some essentials, right? Those items won’t give you butterflies in the stomach but in the end , you’ll be glad you made the investment instead of in another LBD!

Shop well!

In love with…shoes

Ordered these amazingly cute shoes!!! Can’t wait ‘till they arrive! ❤️

That dress…..

Love this sold out dress from River Island. Unfortunately I didn’t get my hands on it :-( 

YSL tribute sandal



Stylish or drag queen-ish was the question when I tried them in blue.

I couldn’t make up my mind until….. I saw them at Ironie Knokke in tan, the brands name is Amber… They made me think of Ralph Lauren as they put gold and neutrals in the collection every season.

The decision was made within a heart beat, although they weren’t very “bon marché” but I saw online that sizes were dropping every day so I couldn’t take the risk !! (and this is how my Visa gets higher every month ;-)

I hope you all like them, I can allready say that despite of the high heel, the platform makes them very “comfi” to walk in, comfi as in 10 cm heel, not as in flats off course !!

Chanel espadrilles

To buy or not to buy??? 


The Chanel espadrilles were all over last year… An “affordable” pair of Chanel shoes by Karl Lagerfeld.

This years edition has a thicker sole which gives them some more “je ne sais quoi”.. It makes them looks stronger.

Allthough people describe them as affordable, they are still espadrilles that are sold in supermarkets for 10€… Are they worth it?? 

I tried the at Rue Cambon and my verdict : overpriced so I didn’t buy them!

I tried on the YSL Tribute sandals at Coccodrillo. I don’t really know how to feel about them. They are really comfi, the color is extremely flattering but still it reminds me a bit of a drag queen ( no offence.

What do you think?

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