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The end of the Easter weekend



So the Easter weekend has come to an end. Started with a big easter egg hunt and ended with a painful angina :-( so please don’t look at my tired eyes!

Created a monochrome, casual outfit with tones of camel with one of my favo ripped jeans by Maje!

Pictures taken with iPhone5.

Paris Fashion week – outfit 1 for Balmain

image image

My first day in Paris for fashion week. I must say, I forgot a bit how crazy Paris was this time a year. The city is full of the most fashionable people and influencers. I didn’t know where to look first.
As for my previous and first fashion week experience, I opted for dresses. This time I stayed a bit more true to my daily life outfits.
So for the Balmain show, I wore my Balmain blazer (off course) with a grey jeans and my most comfi heels by Givenchy.

Love for my Saint Laurent sneakers

IMG_5437 IMG_5454 IMG_5448


Brrr how cold has it been those last few days?!

The perfect time for chunky knits and my beloved Saint Laurent sneakers. I had my eyes on these babies ever since they came out but unfortunately I hadn’t the budget at the time. I added them to all the wishlists of my favo online stores so I could easily check during sales where to get them at the best price.

To make a wishlist, just create an account on your favo webshop and add pieces. It allows you to re-think your purchases.

Just click below to see where to get them at the best price!

Is Belgium getting a new Chanel store??

Well yes and no.

Now we have a flagship store in Brussels and SN3 has a corner in Antwerp.

SN3 is now opening a full store in Antwerp on the Schuttershofstraat. However it will be a store that operates fully on it’s own, as did the corner before. It won’t be possible to check stock in other stores and do transfers as official stores do.

I allready checked at SN3 what they’ll have in store and I am sure they will have a very big range of products!

Keeping you posted on the opening!
Exciting, right??


Lady in red

Lady in red…

I am totally obsessed with colorful accessories. If I could I would buy shoes and bags in every color of the rainbow. They just spice everything up!

Now is the ideal period to buy a colorful bag because of the end of sales. People are afraid to buy them and stores give the biggest discounts on them right now! You won’t regret it, believe me!

Today I wore a LWD (my first ever, don’t know why I waited so long?!) with red, red and red. My rock ‘n roll leather jacket by Iro is the exact same color of my bag. You will see me wearing this duo a lot as I absolutely love them.

Get ready for the sun as it wil be hot hot hot the following days in Belgium! Woohoooo, summer!


Packing for la douce France.

I always want to pack all my shoes when going on holiday! I love combining the perfect accessories with my outfits but as I can’t pack 10 pairs I take some neutrals.This time silver and tan.

They cover most of my outfits. As for in bags, I take a little black Chanel and 1 statement bag in hot pink!

Ps : it is a great period to shop for an extra pair of neutrals, like nude, silver, gold or tan on sales! Sales in Belgium start tomorrow so be prepared, girls!