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Winter white

I am creating the perfect winter closet in my head for a while now and I keep looking back at the Ralph Lauren winter collection for inspiration. By far my favourite this season!

How about these amazing white outfits? So chic! Don’t just wear 1 white piece but wear a complete outfit in the same color…

The white sneakers might not be that convenient for rainy days but look at how well grey works with white or why not try tan accessories?

My interpretation soon on the blog! But for know, it’s way too warm to wear knits!


F A S H I ON   W E E K

As yours truly is going to Fashion Week in September, I can’t stop looking for the perfect outfit ! Believe me if I say, I dream of it at night…

Some are just so beautiful in their simplicity like the jeans above and others look just fab in their designer pieces!

So I will keep you guys posted on what I’ll tend to wear on this huge event in my blogger’s career. I am really super excited !