Whoop whoop, sales are coming up!

I loooooove sales! But if you are an impulsive buyer as myself, you need to have a plan!

I made a selection of shoes that every girl needs in her closet so sales are the perfect time to create your ultimate collection.

So I selected the following items :

1. Icons like the Valentino Rockstuds and the Givenchy Shark Locks. If you want them, just buy them even if the discount isn’t huge. They’re classics…

2. Black shoes and boots. A girl can never have enough black shoes. Admit, they are all so different! Flats, ankle boots, over-knee, knee-high,…

3. Sneakers. I like a good pair of Nikes but nothing beats a designer pair!

4. Sandals. Yes you heard me right, look forward to next spring and buy your sandals right now!

Check out http://www.savannahs.com to see all these beauties on sale!

www.savannahs.com http://www.savannahs.com/caption

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